Putting Music and Sound Effects to the – Atama Sesame Video

Atama Sesame Blog Picture

I have completed putting music and sound to the corporate video for the Atama Sesame product. I have taken inspiration from the ‘Apple – Making the All New Pro’ video, which gave me ideas on how the product wanted to be seen.

With the music, there was the decision of deciding whether to use acoustic instruments such as; violins, cellos, acoustic guitars, cymbals, glockenspiels etc. or whether to use more digital and electronic instruments such as; synthesisers and drum machines.

I decided on using, both acoustic instruments as well as synthesisers and drum machines. This was because I wanted to give the video an authentic feel using the acoustic instruments as well as giving the product a digital feel with the synthesisers and drum machines.

A sound that was used often used was multiple handclaps. This was inspired by the Apple video, which gives a happy and upbeat vibe with the claps changing in rhythm to give a sense of unity and joy.

The structure of the music was progressive, with instrumentation added as the video progressed. The points at which the instrumentation was added were at sink points such as when the laptop turns on automatically, when the person returns to his desk or clip showing the dimensions of the Sesame product.

The sound effects used were from, which provided sounds like computer mouse clicks and office background noise to give a sense of atmosphere.